Fresh Air

Dear Pop,

I hope this letter finds you well. I was at the beach earlier, Rodeo Beach specifically, and the air was stunning. Of course, I still miss Riis Beach but will see it when I come home to visit in the summers. But Pop, there’s something soothing about the beach, and I’m sure I could never live in the middle of the country as I need to be close to the ocean.  Yes, I’m still a Yankees fan and that won’t change, but it’s hard not to root for the home team now that I’m a San Franciscan. Tell mom thank you for the care package, it has been a blessing. Tomorrow, I’ll visit Oakland and see the place that produced the Black Panther Party. Pop, what do you remember from those days and have things changed much since then?

I’ve purchased some more appliances for my place so I can cook more at home. I’m starting to see how expensive it is to eat out. As much as I love the local places, finances dictate otherwise. But don’t worry, I’m doing simply fine out here. It took a few days for my body to adjust to Pacific time, but all is good now. In the morning I get up early and go for a run. Seeing the run rise on the coast is amazing and breathtaking. After, I head over to the office and see what projects are on the agenda for the day. I love working in IT, but the days can be long. Coffee is always a highly valued commodity.

At some point, I’ll purchase a vehicle but I’m not sure what type just yet. The State has signed legislation that as of 2035, all cars sold in California must be electric or plug in hybrid. But the power issues we have now do not give me confidence in owning an EV. Plus, there’s something about fuel injection that cannot be duplicated. I remember how bad I was at making right turns and my reluctance to use the horn. I know it drove you crazy. But at least I got my license which is more than can be said for your other son! My baby sister always loved adrenaline and I’m not surprised at her interest in high performance vehicles. She would love California and I would not be surprised if she ended up here too.

My neighbors are interesting and pleasant to be around. One has a cat who goes out and makes himself at home wherever he sees fit. I’m sure he’s the culprit behind missing parts of the plant on the terrace. I saw a quote that both of you will like by author Terry Pratchett who said that “in ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this. There’s also a big dog community here and the animals are gorgeous to watch. I sometimes stop by the dog park to see them roam around. They have so many different personalities and are in their own world. I guess it’s not so much different from us at times. Pop, have you ever wondered why it is that humans need conflict? Is peace truly that hard?

I’ll stop here as I need to head out soon and meet up with some friends. The local watering hole is having Classic Soul night and extended happy hour. I can’t miss this one. I keep what you said close to heart and have become better at being transparent with friends. It is not easy at times and a work in progress but going well. Please give everyone my love, take care of yourself, and write soon.


P.S., I found a store called Lefty’s, a haven for us left-handed people. Pop, did you know that only about 10% of the world’s population are left-handed? We’re part of a unique club.


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