Dear Pop,

I hope all is well in Brooklyn. Thing are good here as well. I’m sure that you and mom saw things that I could never imagine. But, humans have always shown the ability to stick together during the toughest  of times. I hope that applies now as the country finds itself in strange times. I do remember the film South Central and that scene is powerful. I remember when I visited Dublin, a homeless guy asked me for change and I gave him some coins I had and he was so happy he literally wanted to hug me. I think we sometimes underestimate the small acts of kindness.  The other morning I was on my way to work and a woman on the subway said she loved my shoes. It’s the pair you told me were just right for any wardrobe. Speaking of work..the other day I had call about a printer not working, turns out napkins were in the paper tray. Pop, the coffee was brewing strong that day.

Whenever you’re ready, I’ll have my running shoes on! Yes, I know you ran track in high school but how many years ago was that? Hmmmm….let’s see, I’ve practiced with smaller meals such as breakfast but did make a mean stew the other night. I haven’t reached your level of skill but in time I will. Feel free to send any recipes you think I might like. I do admit that cooking is better than stopping by the greasy spoon down the street. The food is good but heavy on the stomach.

Pop, technology moves so fast that it’s insane. And these devices….I swear that I hear noises on my cell phone at all hours of the night and have no idea why. Whoever designed these things must have loved either the casinos or the amusement parks. I have now turned all sound off at night except for urgent calls only. I’m still undecided about the car but you make a good point. Do you remember the first car I had? It was your old Pontiac and so old I no longer needed the key to start the vehicle. But it was easy to fix and I replaced several parts on my own. Recently I looked under the hood of a new Honda, it looked like something from NASA.

I did not know that animals can have such a dramatic effect on us but it does make sense. Jax is a special cat and has character. He was also my unofficial alarm clock in the morning. And when I was sick, he stayed close. The only time we had an issue is when I forgot to feed him on time, then all hell broke loose. Did you know that cats are able to detect the earth’s magnetic fields? This ability acts like a built-in GPS. No wonder they think they’re Gods.

Pop, that’s an interesting view on man, peace and conflict. I also think that the social climate we live in now has made debating ideas nearly impossible. The ancient Greek philosophers would debate for hours on subjects in the search for truth. It seems that we have lost our way on that path. I do think we will correct course but also fear that there are dark days ahead. What do you think of politics today? The only way we can move forward is if we do learn how to reconnect with each other.  But we we all have to do our part and admit when we’re off base.  Aristotle was right when he said that “knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”.  And it also true that sometimes the person we need to forgive the most is ourself. What are you reading these days?

Tell mom I have met some nice ladies but haven’t hit pay dirt yet. But the experiences are teaching me a lot and going forward I know what to look for. But I’m in no rush and enjoying just being in the moment at times. The other night I was out and heard Love is the Message by MFSB and thought if mom were here she would cut a rug on the dance floor.  How’s our extended family doing? Any news? Give mom and everyone my love, miss you all,



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