Human Nature

Dear Junior,

All is well in Brooklyn, and I see you’re doing fine on the West Coast. I had to laugh when you mentioned Love is the Message, your mother always loved that song. She and your sister are hooked on Beyonce’s new album. I agreed to listen if your sister learns about older artists so this week she’ll be listening to Freddie Mercury and Queen. I see my choice in shoes paid off. Always dress sharp kid and remember, you can’t expect people to respect you if you don’t respect yourself. I remember the first time I taught you how to tie a tie. You know that’s a rite of passage for a young man and something men pass down to each other. When you get older, pass down what I taught you to someone else. Give gifts that keep on giving. Hmmm…if being a tech is that wild, you better invest in coffee stock soon. Everyday these devices become even more advanced. The other day I called your mother, she had the phone in her hand and still didn’t know it was ringing. She assumed the music was a passing car. I thought to myself that few young people would blast the Mickey Mouse club song from a car on the street.

You’re right about the number of years that’s passed since I was in school. I like to think we are only as old as we feel. You know your Aunt Constance is still going strong at 94. Her vision is a bit off and memory not quite as sharp but overall she keeps active which is amazing. Next time you see her, don’t think too much if she can’t recall your name. If I were here age, I’m not sure I’d want to remember a lot of things. I’ll mail you a recipe book so you can get some practice. The other day I asked your mother what she wanted for dinner, she said “I don’t know”. I said I can’t cook that. She then said make anything. She’s on her fifth day of chicken for dinner.

I sure do remember the old Pontiac. The 3800 V6 they built back then was a workhouse. You know years ago, all we drove were GM cars. Then the Japanese came onto the market with a vengeance. It will be interesting to see where the car industry goes next. EVs will be part of it but I don’t think we can get rid of combustion engines anytime soon. You remember my friend Ron? When you were younger you were in love with the Buick Grand National that he had. That car was a beast. Kids today have no idea what it was like when muscle cars ruled the roads.

Politics is a mess today and makes me think of Oscar Wilde who said the world is a stage but the play is badly cast. But what concerns me is the extremism on both sides. I don’t fear politicians but I do have concerns about the people who follow them and believe anything they’re told. Those are the dangerous ones. Social media is a blessing and curse, and politicans must be aware of how their words can be used to commit acts of violence. Going forward, the extremism will need to be confronted or else things may get uglier than they are now. If you have time, there’s an old Twilight Zone episode called “The Monsters are Due on Maple Street” which I recommend. It says a lot about human nature. But remember, we don’t work for politicians, they work for us. Vote smart and always do your research on the issues that matter. California is known as a “Blue State”, but what do you think about politics there? Right now I’m reading Into the Nightmare which looks at President Kennedy’s murder. As long as I live I’ll never forget where I was when I heard that he died. I don’t think anyone could. What are you reading besides computer technology books?

Pets are amazing and if we pay attention, they teach us things about ourselves we may not have otherwise known. But they are not for everyone so should you decide to get one, think long and hard beforehand.  That being said, our cat runs the place. And I did not know they could sense the earth’s magnetic fields. Hmmm…did you know that dogs can tell if you’re not well by the scent you give off? We learn something new everyday.

The extended family is okay, no major news to report for a change. But we’re overdue for a family reunion and maybe next year it’ll happen. I’m glad to hear that you’re going out and experiencing life. There will be times when things get rough but like Churchill said, if you’re going through hell, keep going. We only live once kid, make the best of it. Write soon.




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