The More You Know

Dear Son,

I hope this letter finds you well. I’m sure IT has it challenges, as does every job, but like Thomas Sowell said, you developed a skill that people are willing to pay you for. Your mother and I are very proud of the man you’ve become. I tried the texting thing but still can’t get the hang of it.I guess this old dog doesn’t want to learn new tricks. I remember when you and Sam were young, you guys loved when I played in the band and danced to every song we played. Speaking of which, your brother has been book for five more weddings coming up. I’ve told him to start his own business but you know how he is at times. Your sister usually stayed home with your mother years ago but came out on occasion. Such good times. I always wondered what if Freddie Mercury had lived. He died so young but at that time, HIV and AIDS were claiming so many lives. I’m sure you remember quite well how scary it was. I’ll never forget the stars that lost their battles and the teenager Ryan White. Those were some dark times.

If we are fortunate to live long enough, we see so much in life. But the key is to learn from those things. I hope I make it to her age and will do whatever I can to get there. President Kennedy once said old age is a shipwreck. It doesn’t have to be if you remember to take are of yourself. Ron’s death was rough Son, it came suddenly and we lost a genuine person. Life is easier today in some ways. Years ago, some aspects of life were simpler. Now there’s an app for everything. But such is the price to be paid as technology advances. You know the other day I had call with a friend about a fishing trip next summer. Wouldn’t you know I started seeing ads on Google for fishing rods!

Your comments are politics are spot on and I agree. The extremism is bad but history always repeats itself and humanity has seen this before. However now we have social media which did not exist in the past so that’s where the danger level escalates. I remember when certain people legally could not vote. A fundamental right was denied to them. Young people today have no idea how much blood was spilled for a right taken for granted. I wish voting was mandatory here as well. And for anyone who says voting doesn’t matter, well just remember the followers of the politicians that are polarizing will be at those booths casting their votes. In order to win the game, we have to play the game. I read the news from Brazil, and I hope the country moves in the right direction. Latin America has been tense politically for a long time and the people have reached their breaking point. I just hope there’s no bloodshed. Hmmm..if you could go back in history and meet a figure from the past, who would it be?

There are many secrets surrounding World War II. The Black Germans are rarely mentioned in history books but yes they did exist. I’ve added that book to my reading list as well. Thanks Junior! Hitler was maniacal and the reality about his administration is that it was rife will all sorts of dysfunctional characters who consumed narcotics, had their own ailments and actively sabotaged each other. When you have time, look up the story of Heinrich Himmler and his brothers Ernst and Gebhard, both of whom were also Nazi party members. Let me know what you find.

That’s a cool fact about Nikola Tesla. From what we know, the man was a genius and I can only imagine other inventions he had in his mind before his death. I always found it tragic that he died at the New Yorker Hotels in a room by himself. Life can be cruel. He’s gone but his inventions are here to stay. And that is what we call a legacy.

Be careful when you visit Los Angeles, it’s quite a town. I know I’ve rambled a lot about Hollywood but it is a unique place as you’ll see. And remember, every city has a dark side so watch yourself out there. But otherwise, have a good time and take plenty of photos and videos. If you don’t, your mother will never let you live that down. Your mother and I are thinking about visiting Boston soon. I’m sure if we’ll drive or take Amtrak up but it’s the popular choice right now. I’ll let you know what we decide. I’ll have to figure out something soon, your mother has reminded me for the 12th time that we haven’t been on a road trip recently. And to think this is her taking the subtle approach! Never a dull moment around here kid.

Stay safe and be careful. Anyone new in your life?

Love, Pop.


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