Trying Times

Dear Pop,

My apologies for the late response but work has been brutally busy since the year started. The workload is heavy but steady, and at the end of the day I am grateful to be employed. But there are some days that are not for the faint at heart. Things are well here; the West Coast weather continues to hold and I’m experiencing all that California has to offer. On the weekends, I take advantage of the free time in the early morning to watch the sunrise which helps start the day off right. I’ve had thoughts of getting a dog at some point, I suppose I’ll fit right in with the younger crowd. But for right now, work is the priority. I am concerned about the ways people treat others and agree that leading by example is the way to go. How are you and mom doing? And how is everyone there doing?  Sam loves the nightlife but 5 a.m.? Even the roosters are still asleep at that hour. Hmm..maybe Alvera can give me some tips when I decide to buy a car.

I appreciate your efforts in keeping mom off Tik Tok, but I have to say, there’s goes the internet. What has she been posting on there? I have to say Tik Tok is unreal and the videos that people post sometimes make you wonder about humanity. But there are also good things on there too and some of the most creative people that have yet to be discovered. Sorry, can’t help you on Twitch, I’m not young enough anymore to be that cool Pop! But from what I know, it’s a live video streaming service. I haven’t used it myself and after working in IT all day, the brain power I have left gets depleted quick. Well, regarding Mom, watch out for the viral…if anyone uses it to describe her, you better check her phone. The other day I found out the superintendent here at the apartment complex, Val, does not have a cell phone. I was surprised at first but then quickly got jealous at the peace the man must have in life.  I am grateful to have grown up before tech took over. I miss the simple days of playing outside in the summer and coming for a nice BBQ dinner during sunset. Those were good times.

It seems like New York and San Francisco are two peas in a pod right now. The cost is living here is quite high and home prices are unreal. There is also a housing shortage, and the homeless situation continues to get worse. Pop, I honestly do not know where we go from here. I do not believe that socialism is the answer, but I can see how people lean towards it. The American Dream is sadly a myth for most people, but the question is can we as a country find our way again? Times are trying right now and the gap between wealthy and poor keeps widening. Also, I’ve been following the news from South America and the unrest building across the continent is concerning. Last year Sri Lanka unraveled before our eyes. I am scared to ask which place is next. And lately a whole new monster was unleashed in the form of Chat GPT. I’ll save you the technical details but all I can say is that it scared me half to death.  Here’s the short version: you log into a website, put in a question and receive a well-formed answer instantly, and about anything. Artificial intelligence is so good it can write papers for you. If that isn’t scary enough, it can build an entire website. I’m curious to learn your thoughts.

Time is flying and February is now half over. Well, I’m thinking about Seattle next. I haven’t been there yet and since I’m on the West Coast, it’s not far at all, and might be a good idea. I have a good friend Marc who lives there, so I’ll stop by and say hello at some point. Are you and mom still going to Boston?  From what you’ve told me about her embracing the internet, the two of you will be all over social media. Get ready Pop, you’ll soon have “followers” and will be “trending”. I know it sounds like another language, but you’ll soon see.

Well Pop, this letter is a bit short, but I have to head out soon, I’m meeting the neighbors Jean and Arthur for dinner. They’re taking me a Vietnamese place I haven’t visited yet so I’m looking forward to it. But before I close, I wanted to mention a book I read about Pablo Escobar. His brother Roberto wrote it and the book is a good look at what really happened years ago. You have any recommendations for me?

Give everyone my love, especially Jax, miss him dearly. Talk soon! Stay well Pop!



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