Missing in Action

Dear Son,

I hope this letter finds you well. At our age, you sometimes need a vacation from your vacation. But we’re adjusting to being back home. I’ve been following the news from around America, and it’s not pretty. I couldn’t imagine being a young person today. There’s so much expected of them yet financially we are living in dark times. I don’t know what must give for things to change but things usually get worse before they get better. Your mother and I have lived most of our lives so our concerns are different now but for you and the generation after you, making ends meet will not be easy. Did you know that in our old neighborhood in Brooklyn, there are houses selling for nearly one million dollars? I kid you not.  Now, you are old enough to remember what these areas were like and why people left to begin with. In twenty years, the New York we remember will be completely different but too early to say if it will be better or worse.

Enjoy your youth as much as you can and always get outside for fresh air. I remember as a kid, my mother would throw us out in the summertime with a warning not to come back in unless we were hungry, needed the bathroom or it was getting dark out. Those were good times, and I don’t remember people being so crazy. Today I’d be too afraid to let my kids play outside unless I had a very secure backyard not easily accessible. Remember to take a break from work when you need it, kid, life is too short. Once we’re gone, we don’t get a second chance to do what we never got around to.

Sadly Son, Latin America is going through grim times. Argentina is on the verge of collapse as the local currency continues to devalue. I’ve seen the country in person several times and always enjoyed visiting. But that’s quite different from living there. It’s a beautiful country, like others across South America, but politically unstable and has been for years. This is what dictatorships do to countries overall.  And sometimes the only way to fix things is a reset. If we don’t pay attention, it could happen here. America is not invincible.

Jax declared himself emperor for life, and like good humans we fell in line with the program. I did give him catnip and he nearly lost the plot. I have to ration it off as I don’t want him to get hooked but he loved it. Last night he stood on my chest at 4 a.m. I told him he would be down to 8 lives if he didn’t quit while he was ahead. He moved over and stood on your mother instead. I then went back to sleep. He bathes all day long, and if I’m close enough, will bathe me too. But that’s what cats do kid.

When it comes to technology, the genie is out of the bottle. There is no going back but we need to figure out how much control we want it to have. It scares me to be honest. What will things be like in another five years? Will most of us be employed or replaced by artificial intelligence? I hope we maintain control, if not, there are rough times ahead. But, it’s a clever idea to practice old fashioned techniques that work no matter what such as starting a fire, using a compass, etc. Never forget the fundamentals in life, they will always see you through. Speaking of which, how are your cooking skills coming along?

Hmmm…there is a shortage of housing, but affordability is a major issue and can get worse. Here in NY the governor is trying to tackle the issue but there are no easy answers. But what most people agree on is that the cost of living is far too high and even the NY Times has acknowledged that half of New Yorkers cannot afford to live in the city. It’s sad to see because I look at cities on the West Coast including yours and wonder how much higher the cost of living can get and who will live there??? The average person earns but so much each year and cannot afford such ridiculous prices.  Make no mistake, this is not just capitalism, this is greed. And greed can be our downfall if we are not careful.

I did look into the Dyatlov Pass, it sent chills down my spine. I had never heard of it but read up on it and watched a video on YouTube The Soviet archives contained a lot more than was said and that information will never become exposed. But I am sure that whatever those students saw was not for the faint at heart. And in those weather conditions, they didn’t stand a chance.

Your sister did go to the car show but was not too impressed. And I think it’s exactly because of what you mentioned about EVs. Her enthusiasm isn’t the same but it’s a sign of the times. EVs are not terrible but they’re not for everyone. And there’s still logistical issues that need to be figured out. But only time will tell. Your brother is busy with performances, so he’s been out most of the time. But his birthday is coming up so prepare yourself for the festivities.

With love,



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