Human Nature

Dear Junior, All is well in Brooklyn, and I see you’re doing fine on the West Coast. I had to laugh when you mentioned Love is the Message, your mother always loved that song. She and your sister are hooked on Beyonce’s new album. I agreed to listen if your sister learns about older artists […]



Dear Pop, I hope all is well in Brooklyn. Thing are good here as well. I’m sure that you and mom saw things that I could never imagine. But, humans have always shown the ability to stick together during the toughest¬† of times. I hope that applies now as the country finds itself in strange […]

Memory Lane

Dear Son, I hope you enjoyed the beach as much as your parents. How are you doing out there on the West Coast? You’ve asked some interesting questions so this letter might be longer than usual. Oakland is full of history but to answer your question, I can say that those times were scary and […]

Fresh Air

Dear Pop, I hope this letter finds you well. I was at the beach earlier, Rodeo Beach specifically, and the air was stunning. Of course, I still miss Riis Beach but will see it when I come home to visit in the summers. But Pop, there’s something soothing about the beach, and I’m sure I […]

Stay on Track

Dear Son, I’m glad to hear that you’re settling in quite well in the City by the Bay. It’s a long way from Brooklyn but anywhere can be home depending on you make of it. Of course, there’s no city like the Big Apple.¬† Speaking of which, I saw that the transit system here has […]

Safe and Sound

Dear Pop, Thank you for your letter. You and mom will be happy to know that I’m all settled in here. California is such a beautiful state. The weather is amazing, and I’ve never seen clear blue skies so frequently. And the air from the Pacific is clean and soothing. San Francisco is an interesting […]

My Dear Son..

Dear Son, I hope this letter reaches you at your new address. That was quite a move you made to the West Coast. Your mother and I are proud of you as always. Remember, it takes time to adjust to new surroundings so don’t beat yourself up if you find that you need more time […]